virtual creative writing session with avril



Emotional Wellbeing through Literacy

30 min video workshop

Recommended ages: 8 - 13 years




Virtual Creative Writing Session with Avril 


A recording of the live broadcast Avril carried out on the 3rd July 2019 to 8,000 children across New Zealand to give years four, five and six a creative writing workshop to inspire them to write.  In this session, Avril talks about why she wrote the books and shares the most important things she's learnt about writing in her journey of becoming and Author.  She shows children the 'heart journey' a writer takes the reader on and talks about the importance of having a good 'problem' (or 'situation'), a resolution (that doesn't always have to be a happy ending) and how to incorporate 'surprises' and 'gifts' into their writing.  

The session is tailored for years four, five and six and teaches emotional wellbeing through literacy.  Avril shares two of the story telling videos filmed and produced in Christchurch.