The Wolf and the Shadow Monster - Written and told by Avril McDonald 



Building resilience and response (abiltiy)

6 min story video

Recommended ages: 4 - 8 years



Managing Fears & Anxiety (Literacy/Story Writing/PSHE)



Read ‘The Wolf and the Shadow Monster’.  Think about what Spider told Wolfgang to do when he was scared of the shadow monster.  By making something small, cute, or funny in our minds, we can change the way we feel about them and not feel scared anymore.  Think about a bad dream you’ve had or things that scare us or others. Brainstorm some ideas on crazy, funny things you can do to make it not so scary any more.  


Junior School:  Talk about something that scares you and come up with ideas on what to turn it into. Draw what scares you and then draw what you turned it into. 


Middle School: Write a story about something that scares you or might be scary to others and in the story, change it into something or do something to it that makes it not scary anymore. 


Senior School: Make a short picture book for children about something scary that gets turned into something that’s not so scary anymore.  Read the finsihed book to children in the junior school.