The Wolf and the Baby Dragon - written and told by Avril McDonald 



Managing worries and calming down - building response (ability)

6 min story video

Recommended ages: 4 - 8 years



Self-Regulation/Building Emotional and Physical Resilience 


Click here to download the 'Stars in the night' poem

Click here to download the 'Feel Brave stretches' poem



Read ‘The Wolf and the Baby Dragon’.  Talk about what we can do if we feel worried to help us calm down  How are some ways that we can calm ourselves down if we feel worried or upset?  How can you help others calm down if they are worried or upset?  Talk about ways to change our emotional channel if we feel upset (e.g. exercise or thinking about the things we love).     


Junior School:  Read  the ‘Stars in the Night’ poem and the 'Feel Brave Stretches' poem once a day for a week.  As you (or an adult) reads the stretches, do the stretches.  


Middle School: Write out the ‘Stars in the Night' Poem and the ‘Feel Brave Stretches' poem and  read them/practice them once a day for a week.  Learn the stretches Poem and movements off by heart.  


Senior School: Write out the ‘Stars in the Night’ Poem and the ‘Feel Brave Stretches' Poem.  Do the stretches poem once a day every day for one week.  Learn one of the poems off by heart and teach it to a younger child.  


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