The Grand Wolf - Written and told by Avril McDonald 



Building Self-Confidence

6 min story video

Recommended ages: 4 - 8 years



Managing Change, loss and grief (building resilience)



Read ‘The Grand Wolf’.  Talk about things that have changed in your life and anything or anyone that you really miss.  Talk about ways to remember and celebrate the things we miss (e.g. talking about them, looking at photos, drawing pictures, writing letters or stories about them).   


Junior School:  Talk about someone or somthing that you really miss.  Draw a beautiful picture of it.  


Middle School: Draw a picture of something or someone you miss. Draw all of the things that you miss around that person or thing and write words on the picture that describe how you feel about them or it and/or what you miss. 


Senior School: Make a collage of someone or something you miss.  Draw pictures, use photos or cut out pictures and words from magazines/the internet that best describe that person/thing or feelings that you have for them/it.