Stars in the Night



A poem and exercise that puts children in a powerfully positive mental state

Recommended ages: 4 - 8 years




(Calming down and getting into a powerfully positive mental state immediately)

Click here to download the 'Stars in the night' poem (we recommend you print it off and have it haning in the classroom to access anytime)



Stars in the Night


By Avril McDonald


Stars in the night, gather near (wiggle your fingers like twinkling stars)

Fairies fly and meet us here (join your thumbs like a butterfly and flap your hands like wings)

As we close our eyes and count to ten (close your eyes and whisper 1,2,3… up to 10)

Breathe in and out and in again (breath in and out)


Wiggle your toes, now make a smile (wiggle your toes)

Be very still and think a while


Who do you love and who loves you?

What’s your favourite thing to do?

Where is the best place that you’ve ever been?

What’s the most magical thing that you’ve seen?

Now stir all these things around in your cup (children can pretend to stir with their hand)

And like a hot chocolate, drink them all up (children can pretend to drink a hot chocolate)