Random Acts of Kindness


Building Empathy

2 min video about 'Random Acts of Kindenss' and activity 

Recommended ages: 7 - 12 years



Practicing Empathy, Building Kindness 



Read ‘The Wolf’s Colourful Coat’   Talk about why the dog was mean to Wolfgang.  What did Wolfgang do in the story that was brave?  Why was it brave?  What can you do that shows kindness to people?  Talk about ‘Random Act’s of Kindness’  Think about secret ‘RAK’s’ that you could do for your family or friends.   


Junior School:  Think about and write down 3 kind things you can secretly do for someone without them knowing.  Do them during the week.  Write down how it made you feel. (Click here to download the RAK template for juniors)


Middle School:  Plot  5 ’Random Acts of Kindness’ that you are going to carry out during the week.  Write out what you planned and what happened.  (Click here to download the RAK template for juniors) 


Senior School: Plot 10 ’Random Acts of Kindness’ and carry them out during the week.  Report back on what happened…(Click here to download the RAK template for juniors)



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