A Daily Dose from our friends at 'ThinkGive' who have a whole range of resoures and programmes for children!

Recommended ages: 7 - 11 years



Play the video then ask: 

  • What does the word “Gratitude” mean? 

  • Has someone done something that you are truly grateful for? Do they know the impact they made on you? Have you shown them your gratitude? How could you do that?




We often get so used to everything and everyone around us that we forget to be outwardly grateful and truly appreciate others in a way that they can experience. In the video, do you remember the woman who is writing on heart ornaments? We are going to make our own gratitude tree. 


Hand out heart shapes (or have students cut out their own) and string.


When we don’t show our appreciation (our gratitude) for someone who has helped us, we might be taking them for granted. Take a minute to think about who or what you are grateful for, then choose one person or thing and write it on your heart. 

You can either display the hearts either on a tree (if the weather is good) or on a bulletin board, or you can give the heart to the person you wrote it for, giving them a sincere “Thank you.”

The impact you will have on the other person will also be quite fulfilling to yourself.  Remember that being and feeling grateful is important -- but it is just as important to show your gratitude. Make sure others know that you appreciate them.




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