feelings bingo



Building Response-ability - when we 'name' a feeling we can 'tame' a feeling

15 min game to be played by children 

Recommended ages: 4 - 12 years




Download the player BINGO sheets here:  FEELINGS BINGO SHEETS DOWNLOAD

how to play

  • Play the video – instructions will be given at the beginning.

  • Pause the video at any time to help children work out the emotion and/or to discuss when we might feel this way

  • There are 5 games across three levels of difficulty

  • Level 1 (Easy) has the name of each emotion on it. Level 2 (Intermediate) has the name of each emotion but after a short delay.  Level 3 (hard) does not have the name of the emotion on it. Children have to ‘guess’ the emotion.

  • Keep playing the video until someone call’s ‘BINGO’ (this should happen before each of the 10 emotions are shown) 


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