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Evidence-Based Results

How do we measure the success of Feel Brave Book campaigns? We carry out a post-program survey with five clever questions which help us gain an understanding of how the book was received and the success based on the programs objectives. 

1. Prior to receiving this book, the children (ren) in my life had expressed concerns or worries regarding my role (Yes/No)

2. Prior to receiving this book, I felt equipped to address/respond to those concerns and worries  (Yes/No)

3. The book helped me have conversations about my role with the child (ren) in my family (Yes/No)

4. The flyer in the book gave my family added awareness about mental health and the support that is available (Yes/No) 

5. Age of children (2 or under, 4-8-years, 8-12, 12-16, 16+)

Optional Comment: 

Please feel free to add any comments or thoughts about this book or flier from you or your family if you have any other initiatives that you think we could explore.  

Examples of Results - click on the logo to download and view the results 
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