Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen



Building Response (ability) - understanding how our brains work

7 min story

Recommended ages: 4 - 12 years



Watch the video then talk about what Michael Rosen's 'cheeky monkey' part of his brain did v's his wise owl part of his brain.  Share times when your cheeky monkey has done something and what your wise owl would say (or should have said). 



Classroom ideas to help understand our brains


Take a look at Dr Hazel Harisson's great article on 'The brain houses' which explains our upstairs and downstairs brains, how they work together and what happens when we 'flip our lid'.  Get children to draw their own brain house and identify all  of their own characters that live upstairs or downstairs. 






From an article by Dr Hazel Harisson on the Hey Sigmund website