Feel Brave Character Introduction



Recommended video to use with children to 'kick off' the Feel Brave 1 Dose/Day Wellbeing Programme

11 min introudction by Avril of the characters and why she wrote the Feel Brave Books

Recommended ages: 4 - 12 years




Recommended kick off video for the Feel Brave '1 Dose/Day' Wellbeing Programme



Hold an assembly to 'kick off' the wellbeing programme.  Show children the video to get them excited about the Feel Brave books and fun games/exercises the school is going to do.  


The programme focus on three key area: 


1. Self-Confidence

2. Resilience

3. Response (ability) 


Take one of these topic areas to focus on per term with the staff and children.  


The video demonstrates how the Feel Brave characters were made from scraps of materials in a cupboard.  Encourage children to make their own characters (either characters from the Feel Brave stories or their own made up characters.  Inspire them to make their own characters/puppets and then write a story about them like Avril did with the Feel Brave stories.  



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