Teaching children about their brains



Building Response (ability) - understanding how our brains work

8 min video with exercise ideas

Recommended ages: 4 - 12 years




Teaching children about their brains 



From 3 years and up wards, ask children about their 'Cheeky Monkey's and their 'Wise Owl's' e.g. 'Was that your cheeky monkey who just did that?  What would your wise owl say?'.   During circle time, ask children to share stories about their cheeky monkey and what it's gotten up to recently then ask children for ideas on what a wise owl might say or do to help these types of situations?   Download the cheeky monkey and wise owl pictures as big posters on the wall and get children to write up things on each when they either listened to their cheeky monkey or wise owl.  This will help them identify the differences and to think about other ways to deal with their 'cheeky monkey' actions.  


For children 7 years and upwards, after watching and listening to the 'upstais and downstairs brain houses' ask children to draw their own brain houses and label their characters.  Then ask children to share their characters with others and explain times when the downstairs brain has taken over.  


For more information on this type of 'brain-house' activity, please go to Dr Hazel Harrison's fantastic article on 'How to teach kids about the brain' on the 'Hey Sigmund' website (which is also full of many other great ideas and information on children's emotional health and wellbeing).  




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