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Feel Brave was inTexas USA from the 5th to the 9th December 2022 with First Responder Charity Foundation 1023 launching three editions of 'The Wolf was Not Sleeping' for over 50,000 First Responders with three special Texan Police, Firefighter and EMT editions.  Take a look at a wrap up of the week below and/or watch any of the three video storytelling sessions.

Click on a badge to watch Avril tell the Texas Police, Fire or EMT story editions

We are bringing the Feel Brave books to life through a live stage show adaption to help children ‘Feel Brave’ and get inspired to reach their own creative potential through the arts trialing it first in Auckland from the 15th to the 26th August 2023 with 21 shows at the beautiful PumpHouse Theatre in Takapuna, Auckland New Zealand.


Auckland schools and the general public are invited to pre-book their tickets now to secure their spots. We will be applying for creative arts funding and are running a kickstarter campaign for 60 days across February and March 2023 to help fund the event, but be sure to secure your tickets now as there are only 14 school shows, six public shows and one red carpet premier evening show. 

Our latest UK edition of  'The Wolf was Not Sleeping'  has launched through the Police Care UK Charity.  This edition comes with a very special foreword from His Royal Highness Prince William, who dedicates the book to the children of police families and the grown-ups they love.  Dame Lynn Owens - Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service in the UK reads the story beautifully.

Feel Brave Productions recently received development funding from the New Zealand Film Commission to bring the Feel Brave creatures and their world to life in this two min animated adaption of the Feel Brave 'Stars in the Night' (gratitude) poem.  We hope you enjoy sharing this with your little ones which can help them with anxiety and puts them in a powerful positive state of mind. 

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Little stories about BIG feelings
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